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16 de January 2012
Conceptualizer, promoter and leader of Utopic_US. He is focused on designing projects and innovative ideas from culture to various sectors of society. Restless...
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09 de November 2011
The prestigious architecture magazine Future Arquitecturas published in it´s number 28/29 a 12 pages report about the arquideas competition International...
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25 de October 2011
Arquideas interviewed Manuel Zea Barral, architect and founder of Workingspace Madrid and As one of the pioneers of coworking in Spain and...
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18 de October 2011
WA publishes arquideas contests. The prestigious German architecture magazine wettbewerbe aktuell (WA) publishes the two past arquideas competitions. WA is...
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05 de October 2011
International Museum of Volcanes IMOV Lanzarote 2010 With successful participation held the competition for the International Museum of the Volcanoes (IMOV)...
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09 de August 2011
On July 2011, arquideas got toguether the Jury of the Tourist Accommodation Prototype (TAP) Santorini 2011 academic competition at Oscar Room Mate Hotel in...
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