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15 de February 2013
Isabel Rivas and Javier Ureña tell us what it has meant to them to win the Landscape, Architecture & Wine competition.
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21 de January 2013
Rivas/Ureña, winners of LAW competition, on AV Proyectos magazine cover. AV Proyectos, recognized architecture magazine, spreads the proposal of Isabel Rivas...
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12 de December 2012
ARCHIWORLD-PA publishes arquideas competitions. The prestigious Korean architecture publisher "Archiworld-PA" takes a Spcecial on the AW Archiworld magazine...
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06 de November 2012
On Tuesday 30 October we had the opportunity to inaugurate the exhibition of the finalists proposals of the "Landscape, Architecture & Wine" contest in the...
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29 de October 2012
The prestigious German architecture publisher wettbewerbe aktuell (WA), partner in our competition Coworking Building (CoB) Madrid, in it's competition focused...
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25 de July 2012
On July 19, 2012, arquideas got toguether the prestigious jury of the Landcape, Architecture & Wine academic competition at Vadebaco exhibition space in...
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07 de June 2012
Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) has organized an exhibition with the Finalists projects of our Coworking Building (CoB) Madrid academic competition in the...
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12 de March 2012
The arquideas CoB Madrid Competition for students of architecturehas has been held from October 2011 to March 2012. We have already covered the Jurys decision...
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01 de March 2012
On February 21, 2011, arquideas got toguether the Jury of the Coworkin Building (TAP) Madrid academic competition at the Utopic_US exhibition space. This...
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16 de January 2012
Conceptualizer, promoter and leader of Utopic_US. He is focused on designing projects and innovative ideas from culture to various sectors of society. Restless...
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