We interview Rafa de Ramón

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16 January, 2012
Rafa de Ramón, CEO of utopic_US

Conceptualizer, promoter and leader of Utopic_US. He is focused on designing projects and innovative ideas from culture to various sectors of society. Restless thinker and wants to shape the dreams. He believes in him self and those around him and he believes everyone is good.

Today we answer a few questions.

How would you define the "Coworking" concept?

I Would define "Coworking" with concepts like "collaboration", "flexibility, "individual responsibility" and "shared values".

What are the main conditions that must be considered when a Coworking space is being designed?

Easy access, diversity of spaces, diversity of resources, electric connection and total wi-fi, spaces for events and training ...

What do you think should the architecture provide to the enrichment of these spaces?

Much, but always in the hands of the professionals working in these centers which are of very different conditions. Only by having this in mind, the architects can translate their needs into  an architectural proposal.

In what sense do you think these spaces will evolve in the future?

They will specialize by sectors of activity, and will be used not only self-employed, freelanc or SME, but also by departments of large corporations.

Do you know if there are currently coworking center experiences similar to the Coworking Building (CoB) in volume of jobs and services?

Yes, CLUBOFFICE and BETAHAUS in Berlin, WEWORK in New York.



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