WA publishes arquideas competitions

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18 October, 2011
WA issue 5/2011
WA issue 10/2011

WA publishes arquideas contests.

The prestigious German architecture magazine wettbewerbe aktuell (WA) publishes the two past arquideas competitions. WA is also a partner in our new Coworking Building (COB) Madrid competition.

In its issue 5 / 2011, WA published the winners of the International Museum of the Volcanoes (IMOV) Lanzarote, which was won by the team of Jorge Arévalo Martín, José Ramón García Álvarez and Eloy Sanchez-Herrera Fernanz, belonging to the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), Spain.

In its issue 10/2011, WA published the Touristic Accommodation Prototype (TAP) Santorini competition, where the winners were Juan Pablo Perez Pedrosa, Cristina Fernandez and Natalia Prego Rodríguez Sánchez, belonging to the School of Architecture at La Coruña (ETSAC), Spain.



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The well-known German architectural magazine wettbewerbe aktuell (WA) publishes two great arquideas, where the architects can find useful information.
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