Spring Hotels Design Challenge winner´s interview

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13 November, 2018
Alberto Carbonell, Spring Hotels Design Challenge winner

We have the pleasure to intreview Alberto Carbonell, from the University of Alicante (Spain), winner of our Spring Hotel Design Challenge international competition for students and young architects.

1.- Why did you decide to participate in the competition Spring Hotel Design Challenge?

I was really looking forward to participate in competitions so I would be able to put into practice all I’ve learnt during my degree, and the landscape challenge was really interesting too. Also, I was pretty conscious that I had to keep myself busy while I looked for a job.

2.- Briefly explain your proposal that won First Prize. Would you like it to become a reality?

The project “Tenerife at home” tells the story of the unique Canarian landscape, with Tenerife as cornerstone for the project. Beginning with a tour among its landscape beauties: the archipelago, the volcano, blowholes, oasis, beaches, whirlwinds, etc. bringing them and adapting them in a new comfortable and kinder landscape, with a flexible shape that enables that leisure activities take place “at home”, and at the same time exploring Tenerife’s identity in a playful way, offering a experience of immersion into the local landscape.

Obviously, I would love to, that would be great. I found hotel environments very attractive with their feeling of being “passing through”, where we all have coincided for having a good time.

3.- What is your opinion on architectural education in Spain? How could it be improved in relation to the professional field?

This is a tricky question, I think Spain’s architectural training is very complete and relevant in many aspects. It’s a long degree, it takes a minimum of six years to complete it, and once we do we’re very well-trained, but I feel at the end of the day we don’t stand out, maybe because the degree includes a lot of fields and in the end we don’t show these acquired knowledges. The approach to the matter is complicated, I believe the structure responds to architecture’s own identity -being this so vast- and it’s also nice to discover it and decide by yourself. But I think the profession of architect is diversifying and I don’t know if it’s efficient in comparison with the rest of the world.

I believe that to choose a specialization sooner would be a good way to improve the relationship between training and working. You could focus on something in particular (design, building, technical architecture, visual designer, urban planner, landscaper, structure designer, critic, etc), instead of having to study all at the same time.

4.- How are you going to approach your future career?

It’s a bit soon for knowing, now I’m focused in finding a job and gaining abroad experience.

5.- And finally, tell us about your experience with Arquideas...

It’s been a wonderful experience, I’d recommend it to any recent graduate. Besides, competitions are a great way to start a career.

Thank you and good luck Alberto.



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