SCALA Raffle

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19 March, 2018
SCALA Raffle

Are you an architect and a fan of cards? Are you tired of always playing with the same deck?

Then, you should not miss the chance to win the SCALA deck of cards, designed by Arquitectura a Contrapelo.

Today we bring you a raffle to win this exclusive piece for architecture lovers, a french deck of cards that reflects the international panorama of 21st century architecture. Each card shows a representative work of the last quarter of century, and is carefully designed to meet the parameters of the traditional poker card game.

If you are wishing to have it, take part in our raffle for the symbolic amount of € 2*, and you can be one of the 5 winners of this set to give a touch of colour to your games. Until April 30.





*50% of the proceeds will be used to finance the AaC project: Expo Architecture Memory Game

+ info about SCALA deck




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