Rivas/Ureña tell us their experience

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15 February, 2013
Javier Ureña e Isabel Rivas

Isabel Rivas and Javier Ureña tell us what it has meant to them to win the Landscape, Architecture & Wine competition.

“Our experience has been very rewarding and it brought us closer to the world of wineries, which is exciting. The competition’s focus on landscape was extremely attractive to us because we believe that there should be a very close relationship between architecture and landscape. We had the opportunity to share our vision on this relationship and an idea competition is the perfect platform to explore these kinds of approaches. The quality and variety of the proposals that were presented definitely demonstrate this.

The prestigious jury is another incentive to participate, and of course we are very proud that they selected our proposal as the winner. The number of groups from different countries that participated in the competition proves how appealing it is to submit proposals to such a high quality jury.

The competition was widely publicized, both in Spain and abroad, and for architects that are just starting out this is a way to make headway in a highly competitive sector. These are difficult times, of course, but this opportunity has given us confidence and motivated us a great deal to continue working in what we like the best.”

The Maridaje project was published in Arquideas and in many magazines from all over the world, among them:

AV Proyectos nº 054 (España)
Diseño Interior nº 24 (España)
Archiworld nº 209 (Corea del Sur)
Wettbewerbe Aktuell (Alemania) 

Next publications:
PANORAMA Architecture Newspaper nº 7 (China)

Online publications:
Plataforma Arquitectura
Arquitectura Viva Blog
Topos Magazine Blog
Archdaily Mexico
Landscape Architects Network
World Architecture News
Futures + Design
Arquitectura Beta
Social Design Magazine
Student Show

Arquideas would like to thank Isabel and Javier for sharing their experience with us and we would like to wish them a great deal of professional success.



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