MESC Ibiza

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24 February, 2015
Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza

We are very pleased to introduce you our new architecture competition, Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza.

An announcement that will allow you to make a research on leisure activities on the sea, in an area as sensitive as the coast of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, Ibiza. We will try to give response to some of the demands of leisure that the visitors of this Mediterranean island are expecting to find.

This call will count on an international Jury and excellent prizes that will surprise you.

You will soon have all the information about this architecture competition available on the web.

Are you going to let it pass this opportunity?



I am quite sure that I would be able to see several astonishing pictures of the Mediterranean Sea because of this event. Visit here to read more details about writing. Now I am eager about the opening dates of this event.


Visiting Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza has given me a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Click here to read more details. I truly feel that I am somehow related to this place.


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