María Font, Arquideas Correspondent

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1 July, 2013
María Font, Arquideas Correspondent
María Font, Arquideas Correspondent
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland
Northern Lights Observatory in Rovaniemi, Finland

Hello María, tell us a little about yourself...

Currently I am in the final project at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAB - UPC, and working in an architecture office in Barcelona.

I am also co-founder of the blog .bak with Toni Duran, through which we try to present architecture news. 

What do you think about young Spanish architecture in the international context?

In these times of crisis in the profession and the building industry, Spanish architecture continues to be recognized worldwide. An example is Olga Felip, cofounder of Arquitecturia with Josep Camps, which has received the Emerging AJ woman architect of the year with only 32 years old. 

In my opinion, the young Spanish architecture has the ability to adapt to circumstances with interesting projects. Recently, during the last edition of the Venice Biennale, we could see the state of the emerging young architecture with many things to say about the current situation with a new attitude and way of looking. Vogadors initiative, the Catalan Pavilion Venice Biennale, with the participation of young architects from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands has been so successful that it has confirmed the Catalan and Balearic participation for the next edition of the event. The exhibition had such interesting examples as Collage House (Girona) of bosch capdeferro architectures or The Childcare in Pratdip (Tarragona) of Nuria Salvado and David Tapias, among others.

Currently, we have the possibility of following the development of the architecture of these young architects and architecture offices across multiple platforms like Vogadors, the exhibitions of Materia Sensible and publications of Young Architects Association. However, we also know the next architecture through the academic development of the architecture students of Spain. Initiatives like He acabat arquitectura! I ara què?, - I have finished architecture! Now what? - About the work of students and young architects, which give the opportunity to bring architecture to the public and publicize the profession's future.

Do you think the idea competitions to architecture students and young architects are a way out to the labour market based on quality architecture?

The idea competitions are another good example of the situation of Spanish architecture within the international scene, with great results for Spanish participants. To me, the idea competitions are a great educational tool, offering participants the opportunity to get to know as designers and thus show their curiosity to face a project. The time format and presentation of competitions are a great synthesis exercise that normally helps to highlight the essence of the project idea. I do not know if the contests open doors to labour market but they say a lot of about participants. The competitions make up an interesting portfolio showing the curiosity and ability of the contestant.

As Arquideas Correspondent, what benefits do you think may have a community for lovers of architecture and design?

Arquideas community, from what I' ve experienced, is a platform for sharing information on a large scale. With the participation of all users everybody can now create a network of national and international architecture news, publications on competitions, exhibitions, projects, job opportunities, etc.

This initiative also opens the possibility of creating groups of interest like the correspondents and administrators have created, such as Architects, Interviews, Architectures and Books, where they share common interests and different viewpoints from multiple disciplines.

Tell us about any interesting project you've done... 

Throughout my studies I have made all kinds of projects, housing facilities to big pavilions. The project that I present you is a housing unit that is part of a project in an ideas competition to design a Borealis Arctic Observatory. The competition program included an observatory, a sauna and a restaurant, and a set of rooms to accommodate visitors. Because of the importance of the location, we decided to divide the equipment program (day area) and housing units (sleeping area), which is in Rovaniemi forest, Finland, along the existing road.

The images attached belong to separate double bedroom. The project aimed to free the perspective of the room to the lake by placing all bathroom and storage facilities in the facade creating and differentiating use spaces as overtures on the facade, dining room, reading room, bathroom, etc.

What ideas do you have for the future?

My nearest future is to continue studying to finish architecture while trying to create my own way in the world of architecture. I have many ideas about it and many personal projects to begin, so I'll keep working and forming me to achieve my goals.

Thank you very much for share with us your inquisitiveness. We wish you a lot of success.




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