LA&Wine: Exhibition in Viña Real

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6 November, 2012
Raul Dominguez, Marta Echavarri and Javier Molowny
Competition winners
I. Rivas, J. Ureña, J. A. Serrano, P. Baquero and L. M. Segui
Enjoying the exhibition
Visiting the winery

On Tuesday 30 October we had the opportunity to inaugurate the exhibition of the finalists proposals of the "Landscape, Architecture & Wine" contest in the excellent context of the Viña Real wineries  (La Rioja, Spain).

The day began with the reception of the winning teams of the competition and the press conference to present the event, by Raul Dominguez and Javier Molowny (Arquideas members and co-fouders) and Marta Echavarri (PR Manager CVNE-Viña Real).

Later, the winning teams had the opportunity to explain their projects and talk about the enriching experience it was for them to participate in the contest. The winners also attended the questions from the audience, specially by Pilar Marcos (Director of Interior Design magazine) who was among the attendees and who showed special interest for the projects.

In the present exhibition are the 18 finalists in the "Landscape, Architecture & Wine" contest, among which, besides these three winners, you can see other projects from countries such as Greece, Germany, Uruguay, Mexico, USA ., Australia, Korea, Japan and Spain.

After the inauguration, all present had the opportunity to enjoy, from the hand of Marta Echavarri, a very interesting visit to the facilities of Viña Real Wineries and learn, firsthand, the secrets of the meticulous elaboration of their wines and see the majestic spaces dedicated to their conservation.

To finish waking up every of our senses, after the visit, CVNE offered us a typical menu from La Rioja paired to their excellent wines.

In Arquideas we left with an excellent impression after this contest, so, on behalf of the entire Arquideas team, we want to thank all participants for continuing to trust in us and we invite you to be attentive to the launch of our next contest "International Gastronomic Center".



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