IWC Africa winner team interview

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17 April, 2015
IWC Africa competition winner team

We introduce you the interview with Ana Sequeiros, Ana Martínez, Concha García and Javier Torres, winner team of our International Wildlife Center (IWC) Africa architecture competition.

Here we go...

1.- What convinced you to participate in our International Wildlife Center (IWC) competition? 

We were very interested in participating in a competition and we were looking for an intriguing subject. We liked the idea of working in a natural park, how to introduce architecture into a protected space. 

We also thought the prize was more attractive than those offered by other contests we had seen, specifically forming part of a jury along with other people who are relevant in the field of architecture.

2.- Give us a brief description of your First Prize winning proposal. Would you like it to become a reality?

We started with the premise that the intervention would not be in conflict with its surroundings. We also thought that beyond meeting  a functional need the project should go a step further and propose a new concept of safari. So the traditional jeep or balloon routes are complemented with an alternative way of approaching wildlife.

WALK! Invites visitors to discover the park from a different perspective via a route on an elevated walkway. 

The idea that your project could become a reality is a dream for all architecture students. We always thought that our project could be built. That’s why we used materials and a construction system that correspond to South African Vernacular Architecture, minimizing the environmental impact and cost of carrying out the project.

3.- What is your opinion of architectural training in Spain? How do you think it could be improved in terms of preparing students to become professionals?

 We have a positive view of the training offered in Spanish architecture schools, because they cover both technical and artistic aspects. However, we think that it does not offer an entirely global and realistic vision of the profession. Unlike other international schools, the curricula of the Spanish schools don’t include practical training programmes that allow us to develop a project from start to finish.

4.- How are you planning to focus your professional future?

It’s difficult to have a clear idea of the future given the current climate. Beyond working in one place or another, the first thing we would like is to learn from experienced professionals so that we can undertake our own projects in the future. 

5.- Do you think that an unpaid internship in a well-known studio is beneficial for students or even young architects?

We think that professional internships in a well-known studio would be beneficial. As we mentioned earlier, the possibility of broadening our training is always an improvement. However, we do not agree at all that the work should be unpaid. The time and effort put into the work should be compensated.

6.- And finally, tell us what you think about your experience with Arquideas...

It has been a memorable experience. It was the first time we participated in an architecture competition and we had to deal with the challenge of coming up with a unique solution, while respecting the ideas of everyone on the team. The fact that it was an international competition was particularly enriching for us, because we were able to see different ways of focusing on the subject. We would be willing to participate in future competitions.

Thank you.



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