IWC Africa Arquideas Special Prize

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2 March, 2015
IWC Africa

More than 175 proposals submitted, only 15 were selected by the Jury to be Finalists. It's the community moment. Now you can vote your favourite proposals among the 15 Finalists (winners, honourable mentions and finalists) and help their authors to win the Arquideas Special Prize, awarded with € 500!.

When is the voting? - The voting will be open from March 5 to April 9.

Who can vote? - Any registered user of Arquideas has the right to vote.

How many times can I vote?  - You can vote as many proposals as you want, but only one vote to each proposal.

Who is the winner?  - The prize will go to the proposal with more points, this is, votes x average points.

Do previous votes count? -  Yes, all votes until April 9 will count.

It seems my vote didn't count... - The system refreshes periodicatly, so it is possible to experience a delay between your vote and the counter refresh, but all votes count.


Go ahead and choose your favourite proposal and leave some comments to the authors!

Know the Finalists!



These are special prizes for those people who take part in the event and win their respective field. The uk assignments reviews did more than enough for those people who come in this event every year.


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