Interview MoAN Egypt winner team

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24 November, 2017
Interview MoAN Egypt winner team

Arquideas interviews Diego Botella Olaizola, Álvaro Jiménez Zúñiga, Omar Páez Albitre y Yacme Mangrané Sierra, winner team of our Museum of the Ancient Nile (MoAN) Egypt international competition...

1.- What made you want to participate in Museum of the Ancient Nile (MoAN) Egypt competition?

The reason that inspired us to participate and the first thing that caught our attention was undoubtedly the task itself, besides, located in such a privileged place as it is the river Nile. Considering how this museum should be, situated in a land with an enormous cultural, historical and natural wealth, seemed to us a tremendously appealing challenge.

2.- Briefly explain your proposal that won First Prize. Would you like it to become a reality?

Since we are a team composed by four people, naturally, discrepancies on the approach of the main idea have always existed; nevertheless, also since the first beginning we had the will to not impose our project over the consolidated landscape. We didn’t want to emulate or compete with the place and its monumental character, but to emphasize it, achieving this objective through the use of contrasted elements.

We had similar feelings about the exact location, we just can’t tie the project to a single place, the river could be regarded as a giant living organism. That’s the reason why we propose developing a series of volumes along the river which become little lanterns, inviting the visitant to stop and realize the actual beauty and importance of the location. On the other hand, the intrinsic relationship established between the museum and the river lead us to the use of materials related to the fluvial elements, such as wood and clothing. This composition not only provided us the contrast that the project was aiming to, but also confers the mutable and ephemeral character.

Of course, we would love to see our project turn into real someday; we thought that the main interest of our design consists in its intention of framing the landscape, instead modifying it, what gives place to a minimal project with not a huge cost.

3.- What is your opinion of architectural education in Spain? How could it be improved in relation to the professional field?

We are sincerely satisfied with the education that we have received in Spain, that as we all are aware, it could be a bit more technical than in other countries. For that reason we are grateful, because even though the project or “conceiving” work is the essential one, the extra technical knowledge allows us to have a global vision of architecture, joining the different fields that a project involve. However, we missed a stronger relationship between the University and the companies, that way it will allow us to know firsthand the professional future before concluding our studies.

4.- How are you going to approach your future as a professional?

It becomes a little bit complicated to answer this question in a way we all feel represented, we are four people and every one of us has a different inquisitiveness. The whole group has done Erasmus in diverse locations, that experience prove us how much we could grow up personally and academically just getting out of our comfort zone. That’s why, most of us are considering going abroad as a really good choice, in order to begin our work life and gain experience.

5.- And finally, tell us about your experience with Arquideas… 

It has been a really positive experience for us, not only because of the outcome, but also because of the methodology we use. It was impossible for us to have regular meetings along the summer, so we have to turn the project into a series of sporadic discussions separated by periods of time which we use to deeply think about the ideas debated. That permits us regard and comment every aspect we consider essential, discarding all other aspects we think were merely accessory. This process became a refinement that we really enjoyed and where at the end all that was left, was what we consider strictly necessary.

Finally, we would like to thank to the Arquideas platform the great opportunity that they offer to us and all students and we are willing to participate in another edition.

Thank you very much!

Thank you and good luck friends...



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