Interview MESC Ibiza winner team

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11 August, 2015
Interview MESC Ibiza winner team

Arquideas interviews Natasha Rieffel and Laurens Paulmann, winner team of our MESC Ibiza international competition...

1.- What convinced you to participate in our Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza architecture competition?

The Arquideas platform showcases a wide variety of quality proposals that caught our attention. This was an opportunity for us to share, discuss and compete with many talented young architects around the world. We enjoyed our previous competition experience with Arquideas (IWC) and wanted to continue our exploration of architectural proposals through another exciting brief. Having brainstormed ideas we were intrigued by the ways we could respond to the Ibiza situation set. Motivated and eager, we decided to accept the Arquideas challenge!

2.- Give us a brief description of your First Prize winning proposal...

Our main challenge was to step back from the common images and stories we hear of the Ibiza nightlife and re-interpret the potentials of tourism in Ibiza. How could our role, as the architects, become the mediator between the harmful actions of the tourists and the natural beauties of the island? This led to the proposal of Re-Mind.

Re-Mind proposes an experience that pampers body and mind. It offers an architecture that allows tourists to return to the very essence of the natural surrounding through sensory experiences. It creates an approach that challenges the tourists ‘party culture’ attitude in Ibiza, lifting the commercial blanket suffocating the island. The tourist is given an opportunity to appreciate and focus his/her awareness towards the qualities of the natural surrounding through the use of simple architectural elements along the promenade in Cala Xuclà. Re-Mind looks to offer a constructive rather than destructive way towards pure relaxation and pleasure.

3.- What is your opinion of architectural training in your country? How do you think it could be improved in terms of preparing students to become professionals?

Our studies at the AA School have been focused mainly on the individuals’ brief and their intrigue in studying this in a technical, social, cultural, artistic amongst many other ways. Every brief challenges the student to think in a different manner opening the awareness to architecture and to the potentials of focus for their future career. It is very hard to say which could be improved and in which way. The study of architecture is a personal experience and therefore it is for the student to explore which training, school, projects he/she thrives in. For us, the AA School and its international environment allowed us to discuss with students that have studied in completely different schools and challenge the way we think today.

4.- Tell us about your experience at the AA School of Architecture...

The AA School is an extraordinary and unique environment to study. It offers an atmosphere for students, professors, architects and the wider public to take part in discussion and debate for the future of architecture. The rebellious spirit of the AA School pushes the boundaries of design and encourages students to search for new ways of architecture through the individual portfolios and presentations. Our experience has allowed us to visit and explore the corners of the Earth, from Detroit to Sao Paulo, across Europe and further into Cambodia and Singapore. It has so far been an eye opening experience into the potentials of architecture and vibrant multicultural platform for discussion for us to take part in.

5.- How are you planning to focus your professional future?

We now have two years ahead of us until graduating from the AA School. These final studies will be an opportunity for us to deepen our personal curiosities. Now, entering into a new stage of the school, Diploma School, we will meet new professors, students and briefs that will slowly start to focus our interests and build the framework for our future. At this point it is hard to say where our professional careers will evolve but we are extremely curious to find out ourselves!

6.- And finally, tell us what you think about your experience with Arquideas...

Arquideas is a great platform to freely develop and represent design ideas. The briefs are challenging, forcing the designer to prioritise the importance of the proposal that they wish to present to the Jury and fellow young architects. The ‘openness’ of the brief allows for the competitors to personalise their proposals, exploring the brief through their own interests and representing them in their own specific ways. For us, Arquideas offered an open learning platform for the future as a designer or architect in an environment that is motivating, open and inspiring.

Thank you and good luck friends...



You can watch the interview with the best team who has won the match with full zeal. This implies that you have to focus on this web so that you can come up with new ideas here.


Interviewed the MESC Ibiza winning team with much joy. The winning team was very excited.
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¡Muchas felicidades Natasha y Laurens!