IMOV Lanzarote: Winners

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5 October, 2011
Eloy Fernanz, Jorge Arévalo and José Ramón García
Fabian Rügemer
Eva Niño Mendizabal
Jorge Arévalo during TAP Santorini Jury

International Museum of Volcanes IMOV Lanzarote 2010

With successful participation held the competition for the International Museum of the Volcanoes (IMOV)Lanzarote 2010.  With more than 25 countries represented and the participation of teams from more than 100 universities around the world, we introduce you to the winning teams:

1st  Prize: Jorge Arévalo Martín, José Ramón García Álvarez, Eloy Fernanz Sánchez-Herrera, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, España

The Project interiorizes, processes and courageously shows its artificial condition, superimposed on the existing territory in a brave manner. For this, the proposal supports on a constructive system which is not aggressive with the environment, touching the ground only where it is strictly necessary. The project resolves in an intelligent manner the building program needs resulting in a suggestive capacity to propose internal spaces and in its relationship with the location, in any grid reference of time/reality axis.

The jury gives special importance to an easy to dismantle constructive system, understanding the temporally concept as the most appropriate way of integration in a natural setting of such  singular characteristics.

2 nd  Prize: Fabian Rügemer, de la  Universität Kassel, Alemania.

The Project appears as a suggestive architectural crystallization, solved wisely in its condition as an object to be contemplated as well as  an object to be occupied.

The documentation presented emphasizes the most positive values of a constructive system suited to the context and the contemporary traditions of the Canary Islands, even though it would be possible to apply a better understanding  of the possibilities of this architecture in its section, particularly in the capacity to offer lights and shadows, filled and empty spaces.

3 rd  Prize: Eva Niño Mendizabal, de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, España.

The Project builds from the site and the particular topography, looking for a direct  relationship with the existing landscape, supported by the possibilities of an architecture that simultaneously works as access, transit and shelter (to arrive, to pass, to be). The proposal reverses the scenario/beholder logic in order to, from a suggestive architectural crack, offer a changing and exciting space in which it won’t be easy to find a prevalence of the exterior over the interior… or the opposite.

As a representative of the winning team and as part of the prize, Jorge Arevalo was a jury member of the international ideas competition “Tourist Accommodation Prototype (TAP) Santorini”, participating in the meeting held inJune 2011 at the Room Mate Oscar Hotel in Madrid together with the Chairman of CSCAE, Mr.  Jordi Ludevid, the executive director of the Pritzker Prize, Mrs. Martha Thorne, the architect and blog editor Mr. Edgar Gonzalez and Vice President of the Room Mate Hotels, Mr. Carlos Marrero.

If you have an experience like Jorge, do not hesitate to take part in any new arquideas contests.



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