Ifac 2016

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6 June, 2016
Ifac 2016

Ifac | International Festival of Art and Construction

The international Festival of Art and Construction has already published the call for proposals for constructive and artistic projects. This nomad festival which annualy explores the contemporary of rural environments, seeking a cultural and sustainable future, is taking place in the oasys of Los Baños de Sierra Alhamilla (in the Spanish Mediterranean coast), for its fifth edition.

Last year, the event led by the theme "self-suficient rural life" was developed in an abandoned airport reconverted to ecoaldea in the Netherlands (LINK: http://www.archdaily.com/777686/ifac-a-romance-between-art-and-architecture). This year's theme will be "the fragile limit", supported by that landscape on the edge of the desert:

"We are surrounded by limits. Natural, artificial, imposed or chosen. Moral and real. We have barriers, invisible lines that restrain flows. We have oceans and mountains, separating privileged worlds from misfortunate. We have human people without human rights due to crossing limits. We have lost souls deep down the ocean due to sailing a limbo. We have a diminishing nature, bounded by dashed lines in a master plan. We have built and virgin environments, dependent on urban policies. We have layers to shelter us. We have clothes, houses, walls, fortresses, jails. We are thinking about the inbetween. What happens within those limits. A threshold of mixing, transformation, interchange."

We flirt with the idea of walking down forbidden lines. We have fears that paralize us, and dreams that make us chase the unimaginable. We are curious about crossing borders, doubtfull about their fragility. We have ideas that make us imagine present and future worlds. We have all we need to start building them. We have 10 days to start.

Workshops are meant to be the dorsal spine of the festival, from individual to team-based proposals. IFAC wants to experiment every possible approach to participative art and architecture, related to landscape and rural contemporaneity, and willing to generate synergies between other projects. The actual world requires creative solutions. The IFAC team opens the call to everybody who want to develope a project in this fragile environment, funding a maximum budget of 700€ per team.

The selected proposals will be built counting with the help of 200 participants from all over the world who every year attend the festival. The event program is completed by live music and parties during the evenings, producing a formative process out of standards and rigid academicism.

- More info: http://www.ifac2016.com/ and FB & Twitter.

- For tutors: Call For (deadline 15th june) http://www.ifac2016.com/call-for/

- For participants: booking tickets (deadline 1st september): http://www.ifac2016.com/tickets/



Workshops are made to be the backbone of the firm, from sole to team-based tasks. IFAC wants to test all possible approaches to art and architecture participation, related to the landscape and rural climate, and readiness to collaborate among other projects. The real world requires creative solutions. I see https://www.nerdywriters.co.uk/. The IFAC team opens an invitation to everyone who wants to develop a project in this fragile area, financing a maximum budget of € 700 per group.


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