IE Spaces for Creativity

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4 May, 2021
IE Spaces for Creativity

IE School of Architecture and Design announces the IE Spaces for Creativity for young architects and designers, seeking to attract top talents and offer them the opportunity to take part in one of its Master programs.

All those who hold a Bachelor or a Master Degree or will complete one by September 2021, in Architecture, Design or related fields, or have a bachelor or master degree in another field along with a keen interest in design may apply.

The winning entries will be awarded admittance to IE Master in Strategic Interior Design program, for the 2021-2022 academic year, and a scholarships towards the program tuition fees.

More info here.



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The IE School of Architecture and Design is announcing the IE Schools for Creativity for architects and designers, in pursuit of attracting high-profile gifts and giving them the opportunity to participate in one of the Master’s programs. We will see for them. All those who have a Bachelor or Master's Degree or will complete one by September 2021, in Construction, Design, or related fields, or have a bachelor's or master's degree in another field with a desired interest in design can go. Successful entries will be awarded admission to the IE Master in the Intensive Design Program, for the 2021-2022 academic year.


IE School of Architecture and Design is doing the best for its students and other schools must do the same for the better future of the kids. I found good to spread the message and people can read it easily.