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24 May, 2013
Arquideas Correspondents
Arquideas Correspondents

Arquideas Correspondents are a group of collaborators, an essential part of our team, who believe in a Community of knowledge about architecture and design.

Through our Correspondents, the Arquideas Community comes as a meeting place for architecture and design lovers, where share projects, news, events...etc.

Arquideas currently has Correspondents in various countries such as Portugal, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Serbia. Coming soon Arquideas will be incorporated Correspondents from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Belgium.

Our family is expanding! Thanks to all of them!

We recommend you follow some of our most active Correspondents and keep up with of the content published in the Community.

Our Correspondents:

María Font
Francisco González
Isabel Melero
María del Mar Martínez
Juan Carlos Lagares
Javier Pérez
Daniele Accardo
Antonio Lara
Elías Torres
Ezequiel Campos
Simone Utzeri
Ana García
Angel Enrique Cuadrado
Jesica Tevez
Francisca Monteiro
Jessica Franco
Sergio Ruiz de Velasco
Marina Berbel
Helder Lima
Bobana Adamovic

Follow them!

If you want to join our team and be part of the Arquideas Correspondents group click here.



Thank you! I will follow them!
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