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22 May, 2015

We introduce you a new online application to find out structural solutions: e-struc

What is e-struc?

E-struc is an online application to find out structural solutions for buildings and constructions. It works in any kind of device with online access to Internet.

For who is e-struc designed for?

E-struc is a tool conceived for all building professionals: architects, quantity surveyors /riggers, building engineers, constructors, decorators, designers and technical staff, since provides immediate solutions for the construction of simple and modular elements for building restoration and intervention, and execution of new buildings.  

How does e-struc work?

E-struc works out, in a few minutes, every sort of simple structural elements related to building and construction: joists and beams, staircases, lintels, bases, truss, strengthening of slabs as well as different structures made of steel, concrete or wood.

  • Step 1 - once registered, the user starts the process by introducing data in an easy manner/easily. First of all will have to choose the right case among 17 available!
  • Step 2 - the interface will spread out the 7 screens that will help users to define the case and introduce the relevant data, always assisted by both 2D and 3D images.

  •  Step 3 - once introduced the data e-struc generates a completely defined solution, through general plans, constructive details, several reports and calculations, included in 3 downloadable files.

  • Step 4 - the whole documentation generated by e-struc leads to the direct execution of the building work.

Which are the advantages of using e-struc?

1.  A friendly interface - the design of the interface allows viewing the consulted element at any time as well as distinguishing each of the data required to start calculations 

2.  Immediate data modification - the option ‘Modify’ at the bottom of the screen permits changing the data whenever results are not satisfying and get new calculations as many times as the user may wish 

3.  Registration - username, email and password are required. Once registered the user may have access to the tool and run all the available cases in as many simultaneous thumbs as needed.

4.  Continuous updating - Calculations take into account current regulation, which is continuously updated. Users, therefore, do not need to purchase or download new versions over time as in the case of conventional calculation programs. It is intended to add new cases regularly, some of them in a stage of programming and others under request.


Web: app.e-struc.com

Blog: e-struc.com/blog

Mail: info@e-struc.com



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