COB Madrid: Jury meeting

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1 March, 2012

On February 21, 2011, arquideas got toguether the Jury of the Coworkin Building (TAP) Madrid academic competition at the Utopic_US exhibition space.

This second phase of deliberation 15 finalists were classified and made it very difficult for the jury and led to intense debate.

The architects Mrs. Martha Thorne, Mrs. Beatriz Matos and Mr. Juan Antonio Gonzalez and the TAP winner team representative, Ms. Cristina Sanchez were well accompanied by other members with voice but no vote. Among them, Rafael de Ramóm, Utopic_US CEO, who made a presentation about coworking, Ms. Natalia Prego, TAP winner team member, Mr. Eduardo de la Peña, Mrs. Belen Hermida and Mr. Jose Luis Gahona, Professors at the CEU school of architecture that took the contest as coursework for their students.

The quality of the proposals generated an intense discussion that gave little opportunity for the Jury to be seated. To the experience as a juror of Martha, Beatriz and Juan Antonio joined Cristina, who brought his academic vision linked to architecture schools and representing the contestants. They also had the more pragmatic point of view of Rafa de Ramon and the constructive comments of the other guest.

The Jury finally and after an intense process of deliberation over two hours, selected the winners from among the finalists. Note that the result was decided by unanimity.

After the Jury meeting a cocktail was held, where the Jury exchanged opinions in a relaxed situation.

The CEU school of architecture will host a temporary exhibition of the finalist projects that can be visited by any interested architect or student.



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The jury's meeting had a lot of heated discussions. After a harsh debate over two hours, picked the winners among the finalists
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