Arquideas (IWC) Special Prize Winner

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13 April, 2015
IWC 1320 - Winner of the IWC Arquideas Special Prize

The community has voted and we already have a winner for the IWC Arquideas Special Prize!

After checking the votes and excluding the nule or fraudulent votes, the most voted proposal has been: 

IWC 1320, with 402 votes - by Sandra Milena Jaramillo Hernández, Luisa Fernanda Zuluaga Giraldo y Mauricio Álvarez Florez, from the Universidad de San Buenaventura, Medellín, Colombia. Congratulations!

Note that it has has been followed closely by the proposals:

IWC 1110, with 340 votes - by Ana Alirangues López, Elena Gámez Miguélez, Javier Peláez García y Javier EstebalaAlández, from the ETSAM, Madrid, Spain. 

IWC 1148, with 297 votes - by Ignacio Ruz Portero, Macarena Castillo Párraga, Cristina Pérez Prado y Victoria Isabel Astasio Molina, from the ETSAS, Sevilla, Spain.

Discover the Arquideas Special Prize here.

Congratulations for all your great work!





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