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12 December, 2012
AW Archiworld magazine number 209

ARCHIWORLD-PA publishes arquideas competitions.

The prestigious Korean architecture publisher "Archiworld-PA" takes a Spcecial on the AW Archiworld magazine number 209 dedicated to international competitions for architecture students. As usual, in a very neat edition, you cand find a review of both the Landscape, Arqchitecture & Wine (LAW - La Rioja, Toscana Napa Valley)as Tourist Accommodatio Prototype (TAP - Santorini) competitions.

They have also published A & I, Competition Architecture-Interior, a hard cover book where you cand find the arquideas international architecture students competition Coworking Building (CoB Madrid).

If you took part of any of theese competitions and you want to get one of theese issues, here you have the info.



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