Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1631
Cracow University of Technology / pl Poland
3 members
Dominika Wilk
Artur Gibas
Radosław Domżoł

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The Ancient Egypt owes its power to the Nile. From ages the Nile river determined monumental Egyptian architecture by reflecting durability of ancient achievement.
Our proposal is based on a sculpture - we decided to build a tribute to the one of the greatest rivers in the world. The core of the building rises above the ground as a monumental stone block shaped by the waters of the Nile. Similar to the Nile being a centre of the life in Egypt, the river is also a core of our proposal. Not only the water takes part in creating the form but also exist inside the building phisically. The curved canyon opens smoothly to the Nile creating an unique interior directly connected with the river itself.The idea was to create a place where visitors would have the possibility to meet both the typical Nile-near climate and the ambience of ancient buildings. The ground floor serves as an introduction to exhibition halls located on upper stories. The exhibition halls itself are designed as a unique aestethical experience.Building offers wide range of sustainable solutions. One of them is using thick stone structure with small windows as a main exhibitional space. This solution provides optimal temperature and natural ventilation. The buildng is also able to produce energy itself with use of photovoltaic panels built inside the glass structure.

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