Museum of the Ancient Nile

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MoAN - 1609
Laval University / ca Canada
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Maria Simeone

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The museum is designed as a space without barriers between the two elements that the team considers fundamental to the project: the Nile and the city.
From the nearby village houses a plaza lined up with palms, intended for both the inhabitants and the visitors, leads to the museum.
Through a ramp a second plaza facing the Nile can be reached. This space is organized as an Amphitheatre with seating tiers for open air performances.
Inside the building the museum includes media rooms, spaces for temporary and permanent exhibitions and a conference room.
The restaurant is located on the upper floor, from where you can access the roof terrace to enjoy the view of the Nile river.
The path ends with a characteristic suspended walkway towards the village, reinforcing the bond between the museum and its surroundings.

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