Museum of the Ancient Nile

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Andreas Panayiotou

Our proposal aims to create a museum facility that is worthy to spend time. By separating the program into seven (7) different modular buildings, giving as the opportunity to open the museum to people in different hours of the day. Someone can spend his evening in the museum, while she/he can stay for the night in the restaurant over the Nile and its beautiful view.
Moreover by placing the permanent hall into the modular building, we offer a unique experience. The museum is a series of corridors using the idea of space of Egyptian architecture to create the programmatic spaces, such as the projection rooms in Egyptian Temple style.
This idea of Ancient Architecture is expressed in our own way by using the nature, rather than creating a palm tree column, to create the whole form of the modular buildings in an organic leaf structural system, which works as the cover of the inner space. Inside it you can get inner public spaces for relaxation, the amazing collection of Nile civilizations, such as Egyptian, Nubian, Kush or Aksum or to see the amazing modern architecture of the pure space.
The over-scale stone cladding illustrates the monumentality of Ancient Nile civilizations, while creating the illustion of an oversized space divided into human scale. The clean and minimal character of the ancient architectural elements demonstrates the timelessness of the main idea of space of architecture of any Era.
In addition, as the technology of 21st century has developed enough, we designed our building as a module that can travel within 5 cities of Nile (namely Luxor, Esna, Idfu, Kom Ombu and Aswan), bringing more people into the museum culture. The floating museum can bring 5 times more visitors into a mixed-use space, extending its daily schedule and accepting more people of different backgrounds and age.

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