Museum of the Ancient Nile

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Mario Hormigos Martínez
Andrea Vazquez Greciano

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Words that reflect the development of Ancient Egypt.
Two orthogonal axes that organized the Egyptian Civilization: North-South East-West.

The North-South axis along the Nile River represents the worldly life, the movements of trade within cities.
The East-West axis guided the spiritual life. Life understood as a transition between birth and death. Sunrises marked a new day, life and resurrection, while sunsets symbolized death, the eternal life.

Located on the East coast of the Nile River, the museum brings together these two components, each one represented by a strong part of the project.
A platform, growing from the ground, from East to West, from beginning to rest, follows the Sun, a human’s journey on Earth.
A roof, above, tinkling with the light, captures the movement of the Nile’s waves on their journey from South to North, mundane life raised on top.

Dialogue between opposites to enhance architecture.

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