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MIRO nursery

SFC - 1138
Universidad de Guadalajara / mx Mexico
1 members
María Fernanda Ibarra Ramírez

Project type:

Stimulating the perception of the environment is the main concept of this project, providing a space where interesting details like board windows and peek holes in walls also where the lack of elements work as a fertile field for the imagination, create a unique and functional area where to offer the best possibilities in the smallest dimensions. Awaken children's divergent thinking and awake the sense of belonging by motivating them to get involved with others creating fun coexisting areas.

Simpler spaces provide the ability to experiment and appropriate the space, imagine without restrictions and be able to develop freely. Combine fun and safe spaces with no constrains, but also clean and minimalist areas in order to reduce the over stimulation in kids, that now days technology increases. The project is basically made up of a simple envelope, which is made to emphasize the areas thought to stimulate observation.

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