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Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Paris Malaquais / fr France
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Romain Guillot
Arthur Thelliez

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MICROMEGAS is a museum dedicated to San Pedro's inhabitants, transients and tourists which want to widen their vision about space and increase their scientific knowledge through different mediums.

Integrated to its close context, the building concept started with Atacamas' Geoglyphs. As a tiny mark in the landscape, the museum disappear in favour of a large
starry sky, and acts as an incitement to the contemplation.

The main hall of the museum is the gravity center of the project. The stardome in it is surrounded by a mezzanine where temporary exhibitions takes place.
This architectonic volume produces a unique atmosphere to facilitate a perfect state of universe fascination. The second entity by the agora focuses to the technical part of
sky exploration and conclude with a telescope and a briefing room : The first stage
before ALMA observatory.

The opposite part of the museum is devoted to the aerospatial knowledge through medias (projection room, conference room, library..) and allow to rest around
a meal before hiking on the Licancabur.

This museum is a link between pre-Columbian culture deeply connected to the earth and a world open to the sky conquest.

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