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University of Texas - Arlington / us United States
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Adan Ramos
Cristina Hebert
Yuan Zhang

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HORI-ZEN draws inspiration from the natural horizon line, and uses it as a datum to highlight its beauty. It creates new horizon experiences by strategically integrating a series of swimming pools and manipulating algae growth to create a “Green Island Oasis” on the Northern shore of Ibiza, the “White Island”. The project pulls from the inherent “zen” quality found in all of the natural elements of the context, and focuses on the horizon from different perspectives and different time frames for the projects form and function. Swimming pools span across the entire length of the shoreline while shifting in size and form to create individual islands further reinforcing the landscape and horizon. Algae is integrated as a variable of the schematic design to improve not only the appearance of the landscape, but also the environment and its people.

The plan covers parts of the horizon line with algae plant forms and a series of 30 unique swimming pools, each serving as an aesthetic intervention while stretching and shifting along the entire shoreline of the inlet, thus reinforcing the horizon. The series of pools is composed of an arrangement of three main prototypes; a small sized plunge pool which seats 1-2 people, a medium size pool fitting 8-10 people, and a large size that can fit up to 20 people. Some of the pools float on the water, while others are embedded in the landscape, each creating a new datum on which the horizon is experienced. The pools will be surrounded by algae formations, emphasizing the serene quality of the project. The algae growth and swimming pools will form together to create various lounging experiences, and will ultimately form a new green island of zen quality as an intervention on the “White Island”.

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