Mediterranean Sea Club

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MESC - 1318
The University of Texas at Arlington / us United States
3 members
Jose Zamora
Octavia Pinckney
Ronald Nunez

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Explain your proposalHere at Organicscape you enjoy the perks of the mediterranean coast from off the shore and along the pier. Walk the path from sunset dock to the diving point. Enjoy the privacy of your own boat, or a crowd of friendly companions at the bar. Explore the depths of Portitxol with snorkling and swimming.

From Edge to Sea-club
The sea club is pulled from the edge of the island, extending into the sea. Each armature projects from the original island's edge and reflects a direct alignment form the coves edge. This topographical extension is then activated with the dynamic activities of the club.


The undulating water feature pumps recyled water from a free energy gravitational hydraulic pump and into a prefabricated plexiglass chute which moves water accross, and even mists its visitors.

Interchanging plywood decking, minimal landscape, and metal wire mesh provide a multi- level pathway for walkers, divers, docking boaters, and beach walkers.

A lightweight steel frame structure integrated with bouys carries the main deck, while plastic floating tubs enable parts of the deck to become detached and mobile within the mediterranean cove.

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