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MESC1316 - Simbiotica

MESC - 1316
University of Texas at Arlington / us United States
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Elizabeth Hurtado

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The ecological repercussions of traditional tourist models prevalent on the island of Ibiza have inadvertently resulted in the decline of native fish populations and a proliferation of invasive terrestrial and aquatic plant species.

Simbiotica introduces productivity as a new leisure model, in which Ibiza’s bountifulness is cultivated, nurtured and enjoyed through maintenance activities and active pastimes such as gardening, fishing, boating and snorkeling.

Floating, petal shaped gardens sustain terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitats to encourage the propagation of native fish and plant populations, all while providing the community with edible and usable plant and fish products. Simbiotica acts as a demonstration site, providing an educative experience within a productive, intentional ecosystem.

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