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Hannah Mete

Mediterranean Research Facility and Scientific Retreat – Ibiza, Spain

The Mediterranean Research Facility, located on the Island of Ibiza’s north coast, aims to be the top location in the world dedicated to the study and preservation of the Mediterranean’s unique ecosystems. Designed for scientists and their families, the MRF is ideal place to conduct field tests, collect samples, and share research, while being surrounded and relaxed by the natural and inspiring beauty of the island.

The Mediterranean Research facility also serves as a tool to engage residents of Ibiza and its surrounding areas. A solid foundation of knowledge of the intricate balance of marine, bacterial, and animal life will serve to teach residents about their home and subsequently increase participation in preservation efforts and general care of the natural habitats.

The MRF is not only for bright minds, but also sophisticated tourists who wish to become more aware of an increasingly fragile ecosystem. Ideally, these visitors would be financially influential and would be able to exercise their influence to campaign for the conservation of the natural Mediterranean. Amenities set into the beautiful landscape of the coast would not only rouse anyone’s inner biologist, but also relax and entertain guests for the duration of their stay.

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