Mediterranean Sea Club

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MESC - 1258
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / gr Greece
4 members
Dimitrios Eleftheriadis
Alexia Mintsouli
Eirini Dafni Sapka
Foteini Gougoustamou

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We focus on Xaracca area where the steep rocky landscape, creates a unique coastline and offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. With our design, we want to enhance the contact of visitors with the water, the rocks, the sun and the air. We consider these nature elements as inspiration and indispensable experience of senses.
We raise, a secondary boundary, into three pieces and in retreat with the rock, creating the semi-outdoor and outdoor public spaces. In this way MESC, is not disconnected from the nature, as we take advantage of the verticality of the cliffs, so as to obtain something "suspended", non-compact, in-between land and sea. In parallel, we enrich the view, creating accessibility in the beautiful but inaccessible terrain and multiplying the visual experiences. Visitors can reach the place either by walking from the pathway on the rocks or by swimming and by boats from the sea.
The Mediterranean Sea Club offers a new public space for recreation, with different possibilities for its use, in which diverse leisure activities can take place. The place offers an alternative experience to the tourists as invite people to swim, take part in aquatic sports, cultural activities, observe, anchor their boats, rest or simply socialize.
The parallel, perforated boundaries to the rock and the vertical communication enhance the vertical axis. While the 'floating' platforms and observatories enhance the horizontality of the architectural installation. We propose materials like wooden deck floor and metal structures for support. We propose corten steel, for the elevations of the structure, inspired by the effect of erosion. With these materials, we harmonize visually and tangibly the structure on the environment.

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