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Cristina Vega García
Paula Cruzado Alonso

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Ibiza is considered to be a popular tourist destination, however tourists usually have an standard experience of the island. Ibiza can be understood as a long changing coast, aproachless at many points. For us, the strong point of the island is its limit with the sea. // the essence of Ibiza is located in its limit with the sea.Life is thought to have originated in an aquatic environment—the ocean. Our design comes from rethinking human life in the sea. Seayard Sea Club gives everybody the chance to have a nonstandard experience of Ibiza and explore the island in a way that has never been explored before.Made up as a combination of words ‘Sea club’ and ‘courtyard’, Seayard is a new way of visiting Ibiza, taking the advantages of a boat and a courtyard, bringing them together to turn them into architecture.Conceived as a system of plastic floating devices, two size of floats (private and non-private) gather, creating adaptable floating structures along the coastline.Due to its private (indoor ring) space, Seayard allows to contain your piece of water and your piece of Ibiza inside the floating device, closing in an ever-changing space, ephemeral, that changes as it moves throught the coast and surroundings of Ibiza.

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