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MESC - 1183
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla / es Spain
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Juan  Mateos Corona

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In Japan, an extremely sensitive nature culture, there is a word, Komorebi, wich means the phenomenon of sunlight filters through the leaves of trees. A magical situaction apreciated by those who understand it as those not.
The proyect is conceived as a forest in which the tops of the trees are horizontal planes that being drilled by the sunlight, underline the infinite horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. The tree trunks, the slender pillars of the structure, in order to give the proyect the ability to grow, the pillars are modulated acording to a plot of 5x5m and 10x10m that serialize the set without remove variety. The flowers of the trees are the functional packages that allowing the movement of some plus the lights drills, expand and contract spaces providing them with different qualities, creating a flexible proyect and giving it the possibility of shelter different activities at the same time.
With the project implementation minimizes contact with the ground, relying on a dense approach rather than a dispersed project that ends intervening over a larger area of natural terrain and not bringing different experiences because the environment presents differences in section and not so much in plant.
It’s prefer not to hide the set, the project known to show himself and be compatible with the environment in addition to enhancing their qualities.

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