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MESC1179 Expanding the Horizon

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Nature has already provided us with everything we need to enjoy ourselves. The role of an architect is to find an optimal way for people to enjoy nature with minimal impact on the environment.
The proposal aims to achieve social interactions, playful environment and leisure activities, without affecting the delicate surroundings. It also aims to provide a new way to enjoy the night life.
Although architects can make a structure, it is the people on that structure that is the most responsible to achieve one’s pleasure. The pleasure and relaxation of a person depends on his physical environment, the place around him, the people around him and finally, how he interacts with those environments.
The project provides a platform for playful interaction between people and environment, that is, the sea. The aim of the structure is not to provide a facility in itself, but to provide a guide, a way or just a frame for the various activities to take place. Most of the activities are all taking place on the natural environment, such as, the water sports and the swimming in the sea. Even the activities taking place on the platform uses its natural environment as a main background for the activity, as the main performance area can be used as a solarium to enjoy the view of sunset. The walking platform is formed in such a way that the circulation becomes more fluid and more interesting and at the same time playful and engaging, making people meet and enjoy the environment.
The proposal also provides a unique way of enjoying the night life. Activities at night are not just restricted on land. Now, there can be a show, a party or a performance on the sea at night. It also provides an isolated place for people who enjoy silence and privacy.
Now, the act of playing and enjoying nature expands into the sea. It can be considered as expanding one’s horizon farther.

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