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Alcalá de Henares / es Spain
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Nieves Andrea Calvo López

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Ibiza is an island with a strong natural condition that during the 60's and 70's had a huge expansion due to a hippie culture, that has never left the island.
During the last decades, Ibiza's leisure has totally abandoned this identity by creating clubs and spaces with a terrible impact on the territory that get away from the island's spirit.

"LIVIDA MESC" attempts to rethink the concept of the club and leisure in a privileged environment creating a wooden platform 4m wide that rises and approaches the ground according to the program and it constitute a natural transition to the coves from its highest points up to the sea.
A resilient project that constitutes an ephemeral totally transformable and reprogrammable architecture where the most important facts are the continuously scenes that are happening on the platform.
The goal is to generate a "nudity" both architectural and the club users in order to achieve a greater contact with natural feelings and the magic perception of the island. To achieve this, a 6 hours distance, is organized into 5 steps (mask, hypnosis, pain, potion, relax) as a ritual, that culminates with a swim in the crystal clear waters of Ibiza under the moon light.

The traditional programs are wrapped and arranged into a halo of mysticism that makes them special, creating a unique club experience.
The club feels like a large, changing and reproducible corridor that would provide access to the beaches fully integrated into the surrounding woods and allowing to generate different views, sensations and perceptions at each point of the way.
Thus, both tourist and islanders themselves may enjoy a different experience, even spiritual and absolute connection with Ibiza's essence.

"LIVIDA MESC" appears as a hidden club between the nature of the island which is being deconstructed as it approaches the sea to get a different experience each time.

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