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MESC - 1149
University of Ferrara, DA/Department of Architecture / it Italy
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Mattia Bocchini
Michele Cappellotto

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The building’s interventions for the touristic reception of private initiative often don’t create a kind of sustainable development, leaving to the surrounding areas the task of welcoming the users and taking charge of the consequences brought by the intense seasonal movement of tourist’s flows, creating isolated places far from the local population. Only few times the architecture with a touristic vocation has queried itself about its role for the city, how the dialogue between tourist and local can generate a possible mutual enrichment. For this reason, we propose and idea of an active and conscious tourism, in close contact with Ibiza’s local specificities that could become a new way to interpret the identity of the island and, according to this idea, becoming a flywheel for a new sustainable development.

From this premise, the project of MESC: an architecture for use by tourist as the residents, open in every period of the year in an optics of rediscovery of the public space in the Mediterranean setting that creates different social relationship opportunities. Regarding this, the choice for Calà Xuclà as an ideal center of gravity well liked with the rest of the island as a point of depart for hiking the surrounding places.
In fact, we intend sustainability as a cultural gesture, mirror of an substantial inheritance that in every place is subconsciously present, able to generate new densification's dinamics against mediterranean urban model of development: sprawl. In our opinion, MESC project will be able to radicate itself in the sorrounding territory (according to the existing transportation net, principal traffic's flows etc....) in a optical to halve the movements of the persons that will attend it for saving Co2 emissions.

The project is divided in three thematic areas: Gastronomy; Wellness; Recreation. Articulation, flexibility and permeability the words for a correct understanding of the project. Central is the role of the new collective spaces on two levels, the amphitheater, the solarium with the swimming pool and the terrace reserved to the restaurant at the first floor. The large and accessible covers create a new big and hanging piazza. Taste the typical recipes of the local population, learn spanish dances or simply approach to the water thanks to the new water sport school will be only a small amount of the activities that the tourist will be able to do at the MESC. The new big piazza at the ground floor will be the central point of the whole complex: the volume’s cantilever will become a controlled protection from the sun in the hottest hours of the days and a safer mooring area for the fishermen that already frequent Cala Xuclà.

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