Mediterranean Sea Club

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MESC - 1136
IUAV - Venice / it Italy
2 members
Andrea Gardellin
Nicola Fabris

Project type:

Living in contact with nature and rediscovering the pleasures offered by the
landscape, represent the main aspects of the project.
Linked to the concept of the cave, as a refuge and primitive covering,
the MESC is able to offer a different kind of tourism, more relaxing,
in direct contact with the wonders of the Mediterranean, and to convey to
each visitor the feeling of living in a place completely natural hollowed
into the rock.
Located in the north of Ibiza, in Punta Xarraca, the MESC is a sort of natural
sight that balance the uses linked to the coast and the uses located
on the sea-surface.
Visitors can find in the Mediterranean Sea Club twenty rooms,
located inside the rock characterized by the sea view, accessible
with interior staircases.
The project has three entrances: one from the land, located at the top of
the project, one from the sea, characterized by an harbor, and an
airway, which allows guests to reach this place landing on an
heliport; the project have also a sort of external corridor,
a connection element between the two extremity of the club.
The MESC provides an opportunity for tourists to use a
wide range of facilities including a large
swimming pool, a chill out area with a sauna
and turkish bath, a gym including their
changing rooms, a solarium and a
fashion restaurant.

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