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Islamic Azad University - Central Tehran Branch ( IAUCTB) -Faculty of Arts and Architecture / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Hesam Nazari

The beach is part of nature and we love the beach with a few changes. The sea to sea, and without the slightest notion of change we want. The beach and the sea are both part of nature. Give meaning of the beach and the sea is human beings And social interactions. That is why I, as a designer, I decided to design a "Mediterranean Sea Club ", focussing on the design basis for the presence of people. The design was simply to look at nature and sea organisms All living things are made of cells that leads us to the modular design architecture. When they are together the structure of the polygon and the circle goes. They are in such a system to be developed. So I decided to design I use a trapezoidal modules. The modules are placed next to each other in such a way that when a pentagon and hexagon and octagon-shaped building and its development as well. To make this collection as a Marine Club,Does not damage the identity of the coast, I decided to do it in such a way that float on water. And  by Using boats or a mesh network of ropes that connect the beach to travel to be possible The whole set of floats and removable at any point in the Mediterranean. slowly by tugboat or quickly and opened and elsewhere assembling modules. For static set of cables to connect decided to set anchored to the sea floor such use These cables by applying a force against the stagnation of the float, and the engines that pull the cables connected to the smart set that the whole collection is always twenty cm from the sea level. To minimize damage to the ecosystem of the sea floor is entered through a series of drills and bolts Nailing system six meters to the sea floor and connected cables will be attached to it. The collection has a white surface, which is integrated with the tent structure ghosting occurs on In complex areas such as the corridor for immersion in the sea views we have.   The spiral staircase is a way of communication inside and outside Development and use of collections inspired by the beach, with the users and the public to adorn any way they want it. Set to immersion in water is not blocked horizon while tent structures thus exposing it like a galleon, and an attraction as well. Energy supply is a series of wind turbines that have been installed on it. In the corner of each module trapezoid-shaped, closed areas intended to supply equipment for ventilation, energy, buoyancy control center automation, human waste storage tanks in them. 

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