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MESC - 1111
IEST, ANAHUAC / mx Mexico
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Martha Tacea
alberto enrique almeida lattuada

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Ibiza has the fortune of being surrounded by a natural diversity that not everyone can have, The Mediterranean Sea, a body of water that connects countries, continents and cultures, a quite authentic luxury gift of nature that sculpts the way of life and culture of every coasts
by its unique waters.
By having this luxe, the architecture in this site must not be a barrier that interferes with its natural fluency, but one that celebrates and rewards all its beauty. For all these reasons, we decided to conceive a project that is developed at the sea level, getting rid of structures that block the view and harmony, this is the only way you can truly appreciate pure nature.
MESC, a brilliant reinvention of the relationship between human habitat and seascape.

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