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Let’s ROCK!
An experience between the sea and the sky

The coast of Ibiza is characterized by rocky areas and a diverse terrain which results in a great deal of inaccessible land. Thus, the attracted mass tourism is assembled at the organized beaches. However, the organic shapes of the rocks, such as the formation of natural pools or the linear paths along them, where lots of people ‘’take shelter’’ from the intense life in order to relax, calm and explore the natural landscape show a great deal of interest. The only interventions on the rocks concern the fishermen’s houses, which penetrate the rocks, and the jetties which are appended on them.
Using the fishermen’s houses and the jetties as a design motive, in order to take advantage of the rocky area and to meet the human need of calmness and direct contact with the natural landscape, we create a play of introversion and extroversion within the rocks. We, actually, design different caves developed in three levels to which we add the element of the jetty, trying to express the dipole of introversion and extroversion. The cave offers the possibility of isolation, of direct contact with the natural environment while the jetty offers the possibility of the observation of the environment from a different point of view.
The resulting system as a whole gives the feeling of a blurred limit between the coast and the horizon. The collective activities such as water sports, swimming and outdoor performances are placed in the first level because there is a direct contact with the sea and contains one big cave and three jetties. The holes of the jetties are designed as orthonormal, artificial interpretations of the organic natural holes that are shaped on the rocks. On the third level there are more caves, smaller in size, with individual activities, which concern the mental restoration, such as yoga, gymnastics and meditation. The middle level operates as a transition, consisted of medium sized caves, with activities that combine swimming and tanning. The access is achieved by carving the rocks in order to emphasize the contact with the natural environment. Aiming for the operation of the system during all seasons of the year and its adjustment in different weather conditions, the jetties are divided into two sections, the interior and the exterior, so when it is imposed, the exterior section moves inside. This way an island like Ibiza, where the advancement happens only during the summer and mainly by the massive tourism, is given the opportunity to also develop an alternative kind of tourism which could operate during the whole time of the year.

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