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MESC - 1086
Universidade Estadual do Maranhão (UEMA) / br Brazil
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Roseane caldas
Kelson Kayan Pereira da Conceição
Manoel Moniz Filho

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5 Elements

The new Mediterranean Sea Club aims to establish a correlation between experience and approval of visitors to the beach, a low ecological impact
and a improviment of the quality of life for residents.

The idea was to create a series of points over the edge endowed with structures and services that satisfy not only the expectations of tourists
but also serve as tools for the development of the locality. Including a new mooring area for boats and a bike path connecting all
the attractions of the MSC, that will be created in order to restrict the use of cars and encourage the use of smaller vehicles such as bicycles and quads, which can also generate a new oportunity of economic activity which is the rental of these means of transport for tourists.

The resort offers a complete experience for its visitors through the proposed contact with 5 elements, the four natural elements (earth, water, fire and air), and
the 5th element,Vibe (emotion), with the famous parties of Ibiza, each of representing an activity and experience generated by it.

First, the representation by the experience of enjoyment. The Deck, will be a place with a privileged view of the waterfront and is a great choice for moments of relaxation, to feel the heat and energy enjoying an incredible sunset.

Then, the experience of adrenaline and freedom, provoked by the fall on the zipline, besides the several breathtaking options, such as diving and sports that can be practiced by simple pleasure or as competition.

Then we have a dynamic contact between all points of Ibiza, attractions across a wide bike path and several trails full of challenges and surprises, in the course of approximately 5km, where are the willing points and activities offered by the Mediterranean Sea Club.

And as one of the main focuses of the MSC, the contact of visitors with marine life and the beautiful corals that adorn the town, through the submerged walkway, and also accompanied by diving that the visitors can do at various points along the waterfront.

Finally, we come to the excitement generated by the experience lived by tourists and residents of the area, this element expresses the convergence of the four natural elements in a range of emotions and feelings.

These emotions, will make them feel privileged, not only by the landscape, services, structure, parties and accommodation but also the will of a future return with the assurance of receiving the same clash of extreme feelings like peace of mind, adrenaline, comfort, challenge, charm and adventure.
All this in one place,The 5 Elements Mediterranean Sea Club.

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