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MESC1083 MED Pavilion

MESC - 1083
Department of Architecture, University of Patras / gr Greece
2 members
Lydia Giokari
Vasileios Chanis

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The Mediterranean landscape, due to its climate and beauty, is considered as the ultimate place for holidays. The shining sun combined with cool breezes and crystal waters create a place of incomparable beauty and harmony. The only way to enjoy it, is to be there.
Contrary to the above mentioned, when someone refers to the term "Mediterranean Club", they usually mean a bulky and luxurious infrastructure, close to the sea. Despite the fact that these buildings provide various services, they usually tend to affect the beauty of the landscape.
The aim of this proposal is to present a different solution to the way in which the contemporary infrastructure and the Mediterranean landscape coexist. More precisely, the minimum needed thing is also the maximum: a shaded surface in a sandy beach. The «MEDiterranean Pavilion» or «MED Pavillion» is a '' living'' flexible and fully reversible structure, an organism in which various programs can take place. The site chosen is the captivating Benirras beach in Ibiza. The proposal is consisted of a perforated roof that allows both the shading of the area and the view of the landscape and the sky. In this perforated roof appear different designs of "brises-soleil" - architectural elements displayed in the traditional architecture of Greek islands- that can produce different shaped shadows. In addition, the structure forms an open plan area, where different sized spaces can accommodate a variety of activities.

After all, the «MED Pavilion» is a club, where everything can happen…

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