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IE University / es Spain
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Jose Lacruz Vela

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Espacios Públicos

Sea Hub is a new public space for recreation in Ibiza. The platform, surrounded by natural islets and rocky crags, located in Cala Xarraca, is perfect to practice nautical activities while resting and socializing.

It counts with three main buildings, which allow views of sunsets and surrounding nature, while at the same time enjoying Spanish gastronomy and Ibiza’s Maritime Museum, located in the biggest building. There is a restaurant on the smaller one, and a nightclub in the remaining one.

At the Hub’s heart a botanical garden flourishes, granting visitors with direct contact to nature. The building’s roofs are designed in such a way, that they can be used as grandstands for performances or simply as a solarium.

Almost a third of the platform is occupied by an enormous natural swimming pool, enclosed by spots to moor boats.

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