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MESC 1308

MESC - 1308
Aalto University. School of Arts, Design and Architecture / es Spain
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An overachieving landscape. It rises from the sedimentary rock of the Pityusics as the islands itself once rose out of the seabed, following tension lines, jagged angles and the principles of horizontality, to embrace the most basic human activities, eating, drinking and personal hygiene.

Having minimal contact with the main land, this somehow retreated peninsula provides distinctive natural benefits, as it is the protection against cold Winter winds and excessive radiant heat in Summer, as well as the necessary and sufficient, needing-some-effort land only entrance. Ideal conditions for an open atmosphere where sunlight and mediterranean winds shape the edges of the mindscape, while the sea itself forms its boundaries, its principle and its aim.

Not excessive need for protection against natural phenomena, vandalism or disgruntled party goers. A drawbridge will just do it.

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