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MESC 1215 - Bubble

MESC - 1215
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - ETSAM / es Spain
2 members
Alejandro Puerta Cantalapiedra
Juan Luis Uribe Davies

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"Bubble" wants to revalue the character and culture of Ibiza provoking a minimum impact to the island. The idea is that it can be exportable to any location, including land. We understand that the problem of Ibiza is not local and it should not be centralized. This way the proposal expands to the whole Island understanding that each place is different and unique. Thanks to the adaptability of the project, it can answer to what is required in each different location and thus respond to the site.
The function of the bubble is not defined as it is the user who can decide however they want to use it. "Bubble" is a mere temporary container that allows multiple uses, from camping, to a center of investigation or an underwater sightseeing opportunity.
"Bubble" is a new way of understanding leisure in Ibiza. A renovating public space which pretends to transform the turism model recovering and sthrenghen the current inner natural spaces in the island. The proposal respects the environment according to the importance of the ecosystems as well as it allows the study of it.
The solution is clear. A temporary transparent sustainable ball of inflated plastic placed over the sea stands as a new attracion during the day and a light reference point at night.
His transparency allows the visitors to contemplate Ibiza's spectacular sea, including unique species. Thanks to a net system placed inside it also offers different activities during the day. At night, the balls climb to the sea surface and give us a marvellous spectacle of led light which is powered by a photovoltaic transparent film.

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