Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Meandering Path

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North Dakota State University / us United States
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Amanda Hill

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The rushing water. The feeling of nature around you. The breath of fresh air. These fjords take you on a journey stimulating many of your senses as you hike through through the mountains or float through the river. Our design sits straight across from the Seven Sisters Waterfall. On this ledge contains an existing home with a second winding path just like the one to get on the site. Here lies the inspiration for our design is where we will start your journey through your senses. The first supporting structure heightens your awareness to sound with an arching piece that creates an inviting and welcoming signal to what you’re about to experience. You then follow the winding path with curiosity building when you are presented with another break in your journey, the second piece. This one leads you on a detour to your view and tempts your curious fingers to engage with the wall, feeling the texture every brick has to offer. Finally, you see your grand prize up ahead reaching the main structure all while you smell and hear the fresh running water. Presented with a large opening, you walk through getting even more anxious for the big picture. Walking down the stairs getting teased by the little trickling amounts of light through the roof openings. Then at last you take your final step and exhale as you are presented with a big crescendo, the view of the beautiful Seven Sisters. With the floor to ceiling glass, your body feels immersed in the land and gives you a moment of release from your journey of meandering paths.

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