Central Park Summer Pavilion

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The Loop Of Memories Central Park Summer Pavilion CPSP1577

CPSP - 1577
Universidad Del Istmo / gt Guatemala
3 members
Pablo Ramirez
Edgar Reyes
Javier Penados

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The Loop of Memories started with the idea of giving people a experience that won't be forgotten and which they can share with everyone. The main object of the project was to a create a space where people could gather and have social, cultural and relaxing activities.

The selected location was the Turtle pond, one of the most relaxing spaces in the whole park, where you can appreciate the nearby museums, the Belvedere Castle, the Delacorte Theater and the wild life, making it a diverse and atractive spot.

Basicaly, the main design idea was translated into a simple geometry and a well integrated volume that does not contrast with the environment and which gives a tribute to the surrounding landmarks.

The Volume founds itselft between land and wather, integrating different kind of surfaces to create a new perception of space. The form allows the user to experience different kind of sensations through interior and exterior, through indoor and outdoor, losing the notion of a barier and making a subtle transition that connects the built and natural space.

The Loop of memories a place where you can share art, space knowledge andmoments.

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