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The Living Dam

OA - 1158
University of Petra / ps Palestinian Territory, Occupied
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Rabie Alashi

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It is human’s desire to conquer and understand nature. Over a long continuous improvement process, people gradually grasp the world, thus one way or another try to benefit from nature without destroying it.

In many ways, the king Talal Dam is one such work, a great structure of man that shows the desired progress and effort to protect the environment and ecological balance.
With a suitable solution, The project goes beyond romantic visions of nature as something independent of human beings.

this project will be an educational, cultural, and environmental project for knowledge and understanding of architecture, it will revive the environmental importance of architecture in Jordan, and it will be integrated into the future of dams, showing the development of architecture through the years, in addition, it's a new
type of architecture in the world and will rise awareness discover and explore the environment around us.

it's not the Dam you know anymore its where you interact and move with nature.

the journey starts with the view of king Talal DAM Lake then moves down to the first part of the project floating on water dealing with the view through the interpretation activities then you'll see more natural life around and feel more pleasant living the journey along within the dam itself finishing the journey knowing the site and the dam and looking up to see the whole dam being alive.

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