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Learning Humility

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Washington University in St. Louis / us United States
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Bijan Thornycroft

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This observatory center aims to teach its visitors above anything else a humility toward to the Amazon Rainforest. We must learn a respect for this ecosystem that is far more diverse and large than any we have ever inhabited, follow its lessons of how to create a self-sustainable environment, and understand from it that this is a world in which humanity does not solely exist. Scientists are presently studying the very processes by which the Amazon Rainforest is able to clean the in-organic pollutants of the air in order to retain a healthy landscape, and are grounded in a desire to apply knowledge from the forest to the future of humanity. Others aim to conquer the forest in an attempt to rise above it by destroying its habitats for the sake of excessive economic profit.

The observatory center exists as an extension of the forest, remaining respectfully outside of its densely populated networks while offering a sheltered view into its deeper workings. Visitors rise through the timber and concrete structure, learning more of the forest’s lessons and importance as they ascend. They are allowed to reach heights of this forest that humans would not normally be permitted to stand at, and are exposed to the true scale of its significance once they are released above the trees’ canopy at the peak. The ascent begins as a necessary journey in order to reach that vista point, but it also becomes an experience that creates awareness of the rainforest’s qualities as one may intimately view life at each of the forest’s levels, and through an exhibit space that displays the findings of the researchers investigating on site.

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